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  • Middle/Senior full-stack web developer (remote)

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    As a web developer at Personizely, you’re going to work on a variety of features and products ranging from email marketing integrations and data aggregation algorithms to drag and drop visual builders and other front-facing features.

    We’re a young team focused on process optimization and tidiness, in both our code, design and work processes. We’ve built our whole product with only one developer on board and this means you’ll take part in building features and products in a small yet robust team. We like working autonomously as well as discussing ideas inside the team to find the best possible solutions.

    # How we work
    You can work from anywhere and we’re very flexible on the working hours. We work in sprints focusing on new features, bug fixing, and technical customer support.

    # The work you will do
    You’re going to work on improving our existing product by building new features, improving the user experience of our frontend, as well as optimizing and organizing our backend for better performance and scalability.

    We build our products using Git, Symfony, MySQL, NodeJS, Webpack, Vue.js, SAAS, and Jenkins and are always looking for tools to improve our customers’ and developers’ experience.

    #Some examples of tasks you’ll work on:

    - Develop a Hubspot integration
    - Write visitor merging algorithm
    - Improve the revenue attribution algorithm
    - Create wizards for better customer onboarding
    - Create a customer-uploaded font management system
    - Develop a contact database view with export/delete capabilities
    - Develop a public REST API

    # About you
    You have a strong track record of shipping great products using PHP and Javascript. You understand the language in-depth and also feel comfortable developing and shipping the full stack of an application. You need to have a good eye for design and user experience and being able to build complex and interactive user interfaces. You should also be experienced in SQL and Linux as these are integral parts of our stack.

    We’re looking for a person who is ever willing to self-improve and look for the best solutions for a certain challenge, whether that needs learning new things or using your experience. You should be self-motivated and be able to manage your own work process by yourself without extra managerial guidance. It is important that you are a good writer and an effective communicator.

    # Benefits
    - Work from anywhere (we're 100% remote)
    - Competitive salary
    - Flexible work hours
    - Regular company meetups
    - Full social package
    - Paid co-working space

    # About Personizely
    Personizely is a conversion optimization software as a service company. We are now building a toolkit to enable marketers to maximize their marketing efforts by improving the conversion rate of their websites and increasing the average order value.

    While still being a young company we already have one of the best products in its niche, serving more than 600 customers across all the world.

    We’re looking for likeminded people who are hungry to solve issues and create exciting products.

    You can take a look here at a video about one of the products we’re building:


    Our pages:


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